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Meet Bev

Neurological Music Therapy has been a wonderful addition to my moms therapy!  After suffering a severe stroke last June her speech was significantly impaired.  She knew what she wanted to say but the words were not there.  She would often get the first few words out but could not finish her thought clearly.  Her words were jumbled and unrecognizable.  Since she started music therapy she is now able to start AND finish a complete sentence. Matt asked what kind of music mom liked and specific songs.  He has made every effort to sing what is familiar to her.  She just lights up when it’s time for therapy! It’s amazing  

how she sings right along with him! It’s a fun and effective way to work on regaining speech.  Matt is a wonderful therapist and mom really enjoys the hour she spends with him each week.  I would recommend NeuroNotes to anyone seeking speech improvement for their loved one.

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