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Our mission is...

To strive for excellence from our clients and ourselves.

NeuroNotes is a Neurologic Music Therapy company that focuses on providing the highest quality of care to each of their clients and striving:

  • To be RESPECTFUL of all ​people

  • To be INNOVATIVE in our practice

  • To be CURIOUS as how to best help our clients

  • To be RESPONSIBLE in our practice and actions

  • To be COMPASSIONATE in all our interactions

  • To be EXCELLENT in all we do

NeuroNotes aims to help those who have been affected by neurologic disorders or diseases through the use of Neurologic Music Therapy. By this we will help our clients reach their highest potential and highest quality of life. We achieve this through outstanding care for our clients, utilizing best practice methods and research that has demonstrated the efficacy of music and neuroscience for neuro-rehabilitation. 

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